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Syndicat National des Industries
des Peintures, Vernis et Enduits


Fédération des industries des peintures,
encres, couleurs, colles et adhésifs

Creates new maintenance guidelines
ENDEL, the French leader of industrial maintenance
has created QASYR (Qualified Anticorrosion Systems Referential)

Anti-Corrosion Process

Many industries such as Oil, Maritime and others have real and serious problems with deterioration of their metal structures and equipment. This deterioration caused by rust, results in large maintenance costs as well as safety issues with regard to the use of damaged equipment.

Sofeisation® is a surface treatment that allows you to avoid the sand blasting of an oxidized metallic surface before painting. The Sofeisation® process ensures the prolonged lifespan of all metal structures and equipment by stopping deterioration caused by corrosion.

Sofeisation® is a rational and effective solution for problems caused by rust.

Metal surface treatment for Maintenance and New Building

BUREAU VERITAS MARINE Certificate n°21585/A0 BV

Classification of Steel Ships: “Shop Primer for Welded Steel Structures”
SOFEISATION R101 – ALUMINIUM overweldable by manual metal arc welding with covered electrodes

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