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After more than 15 years, sofeisation protection (without any paint / top coat) remains remarkably unchanged  

In 1990, the steel structure of Aigle Azur company’s hangar was treated to the specification as follows:
1.    Remove loose rust (similar to the Swedish Standard St2)
2.    Treat successively with R101 Colorless, R102 and R101 Aluminium

No top coating was applied.

The photo shows the completed job a year after (1991)

These photos were taken in July 2007, showing the condition of the hangar after more than 15 years.

The hangar is in very good condition.

The technical manager confirmed that no maintenance jobs have been performed since Sofeisation in 1991.

The atmosphere in this region, especially during winter, is very humid with occasional heavy water condensation on the metal structures.

The results approach cliché 9 (even 10) on the corrosion scale during more than 15 years.

This is an additional case history proving that the Sofeisation system is extremely durable and reliable under very severe conditions like the steel roof in an airport and in humid environments.

It also shows that top coatings are not mandatory. Future maintenance will be easier and cheaper using R101 Aluminium directly on top of sofeized surfaces to reconstitute the protection.

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