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SOFEISATION (St2 + R101 Colourless + R101 Aluminium) 

Sofeisation® was specified for the surface preparation and treatment of the 8 holds including coamings and hatch covers. The total area treated was well over 30,000m² (320,000 sq.ft.).
With Sofeisation®, the surface preparation required is minimal: St2 - International Standards 
All surfaces to be treated are power-washed by water-jet (approx 100kg/cm²). After drying, air blow was carried out on some spots.
R101 Colourless is applied by airless spray gun to the internal surface of the hold.
The following day, R101 Aluminium is applied.

After polymerization, Sofeisation® System completely isolates all treated surfaces.

Excellent finish of one of the treated hatch covers.

Bearing in mind that Sa 2.0 / 2.5 is essential with the normal anti-corrosive primers, considerable saving in time, labour and money will be achieved with Sofeisation®.
Generally speaking, Sofeisation® requires very easy surface preparation. This treatment method has proven to be reliable and ideal for marine markets.

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