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Sofeisation specified for two Eurotunnel boring machines 

Customer: EUROTUNNEL, France (TRANSMANCHE, France)

Manufacturer: KAWASAKI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, Kobe – Japan

R101 + R102 has been used to protect all the surfaces (total: 12,000m²)

Top Photo: One of the shield for TBMs.
Mill scale on the surface has become loose after annealing treatment and light sand blasting to the Swedish Standard Sa1.0 will be carried out before the application of R101

TBK Engineer is showing the proper grade of light blasting

Just before completion.

Final touching-up is being carried out at welding spots, etc.

White top coat (Epoxy and Chlorinated Rubber) are used on Sofeisation

Sofeisation specified for two Eurotunnel tunnel boring machines

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