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In 1984, these heavily corroded steel sheet roofs located along the ocean bay in Japan were recoated with the following specifications:
1. Remove loose rust and loose existing paint (similar to the Swedish Standard St2)
2. Treat surfaces with R101 and R102
3. Apply 2 coats of Top Coating

This photo shows, a blue top coating being applied to the roof, directly on top of the coat of R102.
These photos were taken ten years later (in 1994), to show the condition of the roof after a decade of changing seasons and various weather conditions in this humid and salty environment. The blue top coating shows signs of considerable deterioration such as chalking and discoloration.

The Sofeisation® (St2 + R101 + R102), which lies beneath, is still in perfect condition and shows no sign of rust.
This case history proves, once again, that the Sofeisation® treatment is extremely durable and remarkably reliable under the most severe weather conditions.

It also shows the great compatibility with top coatings.

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