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SOFEISATION (St2 + R101 Colourless + R101 Aluminium) 

This vessel is a 30,000 tons cargo vessel. Sofeisation® (St2 + R101 Colourless + R101 Aluminium) was specified to treat/protect the seven holds including coamings and hatch covers. The total area treated was well over 20,000 m² (215,000 sq.ft.).
All surfaces to be treated were first power-washed by hydro-jet (approx 150kg / cm²).
After power-washing, the degree of corrosion was assessed by the supervisor of the vessel, the IHI painting crew of and the Sofrap/TBK technical crew.
In most of the holds, the bottoms of the bulkheads (walls between holds) were heavily corroded.

Surface preparation is equivalent to St2 (Hand Tool Cleaning – International Standards).


Bearing in mind that Sa 2.0 / 2.5 is essential with the normal anti-corrosive primers, considerable saving in time, labour and money will be achieved with Sofeisation®.

The painting crew is treating the surfaces with R101 Colourless by means of airless spray gun (pressure: 2.0 – 2.5 kg/cm²).
The material has a low viscosity and is very easy to spray.

In this picture, surfaces are already treated with R101 Colourless.

R101 Aluminium will be used the following day.

The surfaces were finished with R101 Aluminium. Sofeisation® treatment is over.

It is recommended to wait 2-3 days of total polymerization prior to use the holds.

Next maintenance:
Damaged area - where oxidation appears, will be treated directly with R101 Aluminium to reconstitute the protection.

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