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SOFEISATION (St2 + R101 + R102) 

R101 Colourless is used directly to the rusty surfaces on crane installations at Kobe Port. These surfaces are free of grease.
R102 is applied 3 hours later.
Because they are composed of resin from the same family, R101 + R102 have excellent compatibility and polymerization time is considerably reduced.
Sofeisation® is compatible with all types of paints and overcoatings including, but not limited to synthetic, oil, bituminous, epoxy, rubber, polyurethane, thermal insulation products, etc… For this job, a Polyurethane is applied on top of Sofeisation®.
Sofeisation® can also be used without any final coating: after treatment by R102, it takes only 4 to 6 hours for it to polymerize so regular port operations can resume quicker than with any other treatment.

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