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SOFEISATION (St2 + R101 + R102) 

A massive landslip occurred along the Kuma River. It buried and destroyed National Route n°219 running along the river. After rehabilitation of the bank and the route, a ceramic coating was specified for the protection of H-section piles and supports with a very strict surface preparation clause of Sa 2 ½ which was totally impracticable for such complicated surfaces and at such remote site.
Sofeisation® (St2 + R101 + R102) was selected to substitute for the strict sand blasting.



Typical section before treatment of Sofeisation®.




Portion showing ceramic top coat application on top of Sofeisation®.



The Ceramic top coat is applied from the top.


Sofeisation® is often used in the strong saline environment of Japan. It is useful for the marine industry to protect all kind of metal works including offshore platforms, harbour structures and equipment, bridges, etc
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