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• St2 + R101 Colourless + R101 Pigmented
• St2 + R101 + R102

Sofeisation® is a surface preparation and treatment that replaces the sandblasting or chemical treatment of a corroded metallic surface prior to receive a coating. 
Intended for the protection of marine vessels including decks, holds, ballast tanks, coamings, gangways, waterlines, etc., that are subjected to a highly corrosive marine environment.

1. Remove rust canker and all non-adherent paint and rust scales on surfaces to be treated. Surface preparation: St2 type ISO 8501-1 according to the international standards).

2. Eliminate oil and grease if present.

3. Rinse with clear water to eliminate presence of salt.

4. Stir R101 thoroughly before use. PRODUCTS ARE READY FOR USE – NEVER ADD ANY THINNER.

5. Apply R101 Colourless directly on top of rust either with a brush, roller or spray gun (because the product is very fluid, the pressure should not exceed 2 – 2.5 bars at the spray gun tip).

NOTE: The Sofeisation® products are very fluid (like water) and tend to accumulate at the base of vertical surfaces and angles. Brush off any excess product in order to avoid a build up and an increase in the time it takes thoses areas to dry.

6. Allow a drying time of 2 to 4 hours (depends on hygrometric level and local temperature).

NOTE: The treated surface should be glossy and depending on the level of corrosion, reapplication may be necessary if the surface still appears dull.

7. Finish the treatment with R101 Pigmented or R102 (Stir thoroughly before use).

8. Allow a drying time. Apply final coating if necessary. Wait for total completion of polymerization time which is at least 6 hours after application of R102, and at least 48 hours after application of R101 (up to 3 days on top of R101 for enclosed areas like Ballasts).

9. Clean all equipment with thinner after use.

NOTE: To obtain long lasting resistant protection, we recommend that the complete Sofeisation® system: St2 + R101 + R102 be used prior to any final top coating.

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