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- R 101, base product of Sofeisation®, is used directly on rusty surfaces, free of grease, all non-adherent oxide and mill scales (St 2 ISO 8501-1 type).
- In case of already sand-blasted or shot-blasted surfaces, R 102 can be used directly.

Sofeized surface - R101 Colorless


- Easy use of the products by brush, conventional or airless spray gun, roller or dipping.
- The fluidity of the products gives an exceptional effective coverage power (approximately 14 m²/l) and allows a very fast treatment (1 m² is treated within a few seconds).
- Because Sofeisation® is hydrophobic, the treatment can be done in very humid environments with a high hygrometric level that can exceed 95%.

Airless spray gun application of R101 colourless on pipes


Sofeisation® treatment is very thin meaning that the process can be used for the protection of finely machined or threaded parts (such as flanges, screws, bolts, nuts, etc…).
- In addition, because the process has an excellent thermal conductivity, the thermal exchange coefficients are preserved (for heat exchangers or air coolers for instance)

Protection of flanges using Sofeisation® instead of greases and varnishes


- R 101, the base product of Sofeisation®, is colourless. Therefore, all original markings on metal works are preserved and protected.

The R101 colourless preserves all original markings


- Sofeisation® is conforming to the new European directive 2004/42/EC regarding the VOC limits.
- Mainly composed of organic resins, Sofeisation® is neither toxic nor polluting. It can be used to protect food industry equipment (Survey Report nº 24670 from the French Central Food Laboratory).
- Again, Sofeisation® does not generate any chemical reaction: its action is only physical and mechanical. There is no formation of toxic compounds.

Protection of a wharf



- In case, at the time of handling, transport or assembly, sofeized metal equipment receives an impact, deterioration of the treatment will be locally limited and the rust will not spread. The damaged area will only need a light brushing and a local reapplication of R 101 to reconstitute the protection.

Easy touch-ups - holds / ballast tanks



- Sofeisation® treatment is made on the entire metallic surface, including parts where welding is necessary. The process does not modify welding parameters (Bureau Veritas Marine Certificate n°21585/A0 BV).
Therefore it is not necessary to use masking patches during the treatment.
When welding, fumes released by cracking are very light and non-toxic; special precautions are not necessary (Survey Report nº 59880 from C.N.A.M. Central Welding Institute)

Protection of steel works on site before assembling


- Sofeisation® is compatible with all types of paints and over coatings including, but not limited to synthetic, oil, bituminous, epoxy, rubber, polyurethane, thermal insulation products, etc.
- in some cases, Sofeisation® may also be used without any final coating

Eurotunnel boring machine protected with Sofeisation® (R101 + R102) before application of final coating



- Sofeisation® is very flexible: folded at a 90º angle, the protection does not break, which allows deformations of the treated structure without alteration of the protection.
In addition, the full protection of all metallic parts will be preserved in case of drastic and rapid temperature changes (expansion and contraction of metals).

Flexibility test of Sofeisation® on very thin metal sheet



- All metal works treated with Sofeisation® will resist temperatures ranging from - 55º C to + 200º C (- 67º F to + 392º F).
At higher temperatures, Sofeisation® will neither generate gas nor fumes, nor will it flake off: it will gradually turn into a very fine powder without interfering with the operation of the protected equipment (such as in the case of heat insulated pipes or ovens with refractory cement for instance).

Assembling on site of ovens in Russia, 16 months after complete Sofeisation® system protection (R101 + R102)


- Sofeisation® is especially preferred in maintenance because its characteristics make it a simple and economic means of surface preparation and anticorrosive treatment.
- Sofeisation® is an alternative surface preparation to sand-blasting, which proves to be a delicate, sometimes impossible and always costly operation.

Sofeisation® is ideal for protection and maintenance of metal equipment and structures located in saline environments

- Sofeisation® products may also be used onto old painted surfaces, after removal of all loose particles.

- Therefore, Sofeisation® is perfectly adapted to the maintenance of a wide variety of metal structures such as tanks, metal bridges, boats, off-shore platforms, piping, etc., as well as to the protection of temporarily shut down factories.

Protection of railroad pylons


- Over thirty years of experience acquired in the treatment of equipment as well as the continuous improvement of the quality of the Sofeisation® process enables us to offer tested guarantees, as a protection before final top coating/painting, such as:
For structures and equipment during their transportation, storage and on-site assembling:
- 14 to 16 months – picture 8 with St2+R101, before final top coating/painting, on the European scale of rusting degrees
- 24 to 30 months – picture 9 with St2+R101+R102, before final top coating/painting, on the European scale of rusting degrees.
For structures and equipment during their operation:
- 14 to 16 months – picture 9 with St2+R101+R102, before final top coating/painting, on the European scale of rusting degrees

  Protection of various electrical equipment (before and after)

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