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Preparing metal surfaces prior to the application of protective products is a difficult and costly operation generally done by sand or shot blasting.

However, this does not eliminate corrosive agents like oxygen found in the air and humidity.

Causes of future corrosion appear at the very moment the paint/protective coating is applied: the air and humidity become trapped between the protective application and the uneven and clean metal surface, generating oxidation.


Microscopic sight of a traditional protection

The oxygen contained in the air and humidity combines with the metal to create rust. This corrosion beneath the protective coating causes blistering and further deterioration.

For many years, in countries around the world, researchers have tried to improve upon the quality of anti-corrosion products in hopes of discovering one that could be applied directly to rusty metal surfaces.

Sofeisation® is the answer to this research: composed mainly of organic resins, Sofeisation® is a process that treats and prepares an oxided metallic surface to receive a coating system.

With its exceptional wetting power, R101 infiltrates by capillary action into the porous oxide layer and into cracks. It penetrates by adsorption down to the sound metal, preventing air and moisture from being trapped in the sound metal and thereby preventing oxidation.

Hydrophobic, it repels moisture, stopping all risks of inner corrosion.

After polymerization, Sofeisation® completely isolates the protected surfaces.

Sofeisation® does not generate any chemical reaction: its action is only physical and mechanical. There is no formation of toxic compounds.


Microscopic sight of a protection by Sofeisation®

Sofeisation® protects carbon and stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium (i.e. frame works, boiler works, piping spools, sheets, etc.) during their transportation, storage and on-site assembling, readying them for any final coating / painting.

Sofeisation® is widely used in maintenance.

With more than thirty-five years of experience and through extensive scientific research efforts, SOFRAP has worked to steadily improve upon the original performance of the Sofeisation® line of products.  Sofeisation® has been proven, through the protection of millions of square meters of metal equipment and structures, to be the only rational and effective solution to problems caused by rust and corrosion.

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