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Syndicat National des Industries
des Peintures, Vernis et Enduits


Fédération des industries des peintures,
encres, couleurs, colles et adhésifs

Many industrialists and ship-owners use traditional coating systems to protect their metal equipment from corrosion and rust. However, the proper application of these coatings cannot always be realized, especially in the field. This often leaves the clients dissatisfied as they repeatedly witness the quick deterioration of this expensive protection, despite guarantees they have been given or certifications they have received on these products.

Some have decided to change this by adding the Sofeisation® process to their routine before applying any coating. Since SOFRAP was founded, our entire customer base has been satisfied of this unparalleled process, which directly treats the rusted metal surface, allowing for a considerable reduction in time, labour and money.

At SOFRAP, quality is our number one priority. We strive to surpass our client's expectations by providing a surface preparation and an anticorrosion protection system that is efficient, reliable and long lasting.


All Sofeisation® products are manufactured following ISO 9001 guidelines, and consistently undergo very strict controls during manufacturing. This allows us to guarantee the quality of our products.

Composed mainly of organic resins, Sofeisation®’s products do not contain any toxic or polluting agents. All our raw materials are certified and are ordered from qualified suppliers. Our products conform to all European norms and guidelines.

Since Sofeisation® was launched, there has never been a need to modify the composition of our products in order to remain in compliance with new norms designed to improve worker safety and the protection of the environment. Our advanced technology has remained unchanged, and will continue to, given that our products conform to the 2004/42/EC directive regarding the VOC limits for 2010.

Our products’ continuity adds an additional layer of quality, making all of our client references, whether new or old, valuable examples of Sofeisation®’s unique performance.


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